Emergency Dental Fort Wayne, Indiana

You’ve found yourself experiencing a dental emergency and all you want is immediate dental care – What you need to do is pick your phone up and call our Fort Wayne, IN Emergency Dental service. We stay open on Saturday and have a 24 hour emergency dentist here to serve you. No dental issue is too big or too small, we’re here to help you – even if it’s after 5:00pm.

You Need an Emergency Dental Appointment? Here’s What to Do:

A lot of times when patients are in pain or know they need emergency dental care, they’re unsure of what to do first. Who do I call… the hospital… the dentist? When it’s oral health related, it’s always best to call us as soon as possible. You need a dentist who has an experienced dental team who know what steps to take and can guide you through the issue as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We have the very best dentist in Fort Wayne of general dentistry and emergency services.

It’s always better to know up front what to bring with you to our Fort Wayne, IN Dental Office. Coming in prepared helps our emergency dental care team be able to service you more efficiently.

Please come to our Fort Wayne Dental Office with the these items:

Your Insurance Card and a Valid ID (Required if you’re a new patient)

If you’ve recently visited another dentist prior to this appointment and have any images, X-rays, ect., please bring those in with you.

Dental Emergencies That Require Treatment

You can rest assured that our Fort Wayne emergency dentist and care team have seen and treated it all when it comes to dental emergencies. We’ve listed some circumstances below where you should absolutely seek immediate care.

emergency dentist fort wayneKnocked a Tooth Loose or Out – Falling and knocking a tooth out or getting hit in the mouth is very common. It can even be a bit traumatic for someone, especially children, but it’s something that we can fix and we want to see you for it as soon as possible.

Chipped/Broken Tooth – This falls in the same category as the one above. It may not have fallen completely out or be lose, but we have ways of repairing chipped or broken teeth quickly.

Pain – This can be anything from sensitivity pain when eating or drinking to a throbbing toothache that makes it nearly impossible to function. Either way, it’s important that we see you so we’re able to get to the source of the problem and properly care for it.

Infections in the Mouth – This could be an infection in the gum tissues or an infection in a tooth. Infections will usually lead to a great deal of tooth pain and you’ll want to get it cared for asap. We have treatments for all types of infections.

Denture, Crown, or Filling Repair – All three of these are common issues that we see often. Although they may not feel like a dental emergency, we prefer for you to contact us as soon as you can so we can fix it and you can get back to eating and functioning normally.

Swelling – Any type of swelling or trauma in the mouth or jaw needs to be looked at by a dentist. It could be an infection or a number of other causes. Please call us so you can come by and have it looked at.

Emergency Dental Fort Wayne Also Does General Dentistry

We often discuss that you should call us for emergency dental appointments because we want to be a resource for those who are unsure what to do in that situation – BUT, we also handle all things general dentistry as well. Our emergency dentist Fort Wayne office also provides family dentistry and other oral health services. You can call us for any of the following:

Cosmetic Purposes – Cosmetic dentistry covers a wide range of solutions for different purposes, but all are intended to make your smile it’s best. We offer all types of services such as teeth whitening solutions, aligners, veneers, dental implants, dentures, bridges, ect. Whether it’s a stain that you’re wanting covered up or you’re missing one or more teeth and losing functionality as well as self confidence, we can provide you with a solution.

Fillings or Crowns – Do you have a cracked tooth? Fillings are a great way to restore that. We can also easily fix a cavity or even repair the look of a tooth with these solutions. Crowns are another way to cover up a discolored tooth as well.

Checkups or Consultation – It’s important to stay ahead when it comes to your dental health. Regular checkups and cleaning are highly recommended. If there ever is a dental issue it gives us an opportunity to catch it early before it grows into something more.

Gum Disease – Our dental team is very experienced in treating disease of the gums. If not take proper care of, gum disease can spread and cause a whole host of other, very serious issues.

Having a Tooth Extraction – This doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds. Typically this is a fairly easy dental procedure to remove an infected tooth. Our dentists and staff are always careful to make every procedure as pain-free as possible and strive to bring you same-day relief.

Searching For: Affordable Dentist Fort Wayne

best dentist in fort wayneYou found it! At our emergency dental care Fort Wayne Clinic, we provide our community with affordable dental care. We do our very best to work with your insurances and will provide financing options if the need arises. We’re always happy to accept a new patient and hope to turn into your long term dental provider.

A dental emergency should never be put on hold and that’s why we want you to call us even if it’s after 5:00pm and regular office hours. We’ve primarily spoken about scheduling an emergency dentist appointment with us but want to be the ones you look to for any and all of you oral health needs. Please call us today to schedule a day and time to visit our professional team.